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This diplomat will help you discover your true spiritual identity and the eternal purpose for which you were created by the Heavenly Father. The main objective is that you have a deep awakening to discover who you are and that you are led by the Spirit of the Lord, to develop your maximum spiritual and human capacity.


• 1 Subject The importante of Knowing your True Identity.: In this Subject you will learn the most important aspects of the true spiritual identity; what belongs to you, what you represent and what you can do as a child of God. You will also learn what is the purpose for which you came to this world, how to enjoy the Paternity of the Eternal, how to establish His Kingdom, legislate on earth and how to go against the enemy with the authority, power, dominion and lordship that was given to you when you accepted the Messiah as your Lord and Savior.

• 2 Subject. The Identity in the Dimension of the Kingdom. In this Subject you will learn what the Kingdom of Heaven is and how it operates. You will also learn who you are within that Kingdom, your privileges and your obligations. As well as how to live a lifestyle according to your identity, so that you can manifest and establish the Kingdom; First, in your person, then in your family and in the society in which you live. You will  learn how to move in the dimension of the Kingdom to be able to manifest and establish it.

• 3 Subject – The Identity and the Ministerial Purpose. In this Subject you will see worship as a powerful lifestyle and that according to the Scriptures is the main purpose of all creation. You will learn the power of a true worshiper, what his role is in the Kingdom and in the process of restoration that we are living.

4. Subject – The Identity and The Process of the Formation of the Character. In this Subject you will discover the process of transformation that you must live to form your character as minister of a new covenant, with the purpose that you can fully live with your identity as a child, governor and judge; and that you may fulfill your task of life and the ministry that the Lord has given you.

5 Subject. The Enemies of the Identity. You will learn which are the enemies that you have as a child of the Eternal, as a minister, and as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. You will know how these enemies act both inside you, in your environment and how they try to influence your life. You will also learn the way in which you can go against their influence so that you can enjoy your identity, ministerial task, and be an instrument for the deliverance of man.

6. Subject – The Revelation and the Scriptures Foundation of your Identity. You will learn in this Subject the power of the revelation of the Scriptures. Its power in the formation and structuring of your identity, your character and in the development of your purpose on earth.

Class Schedule:

• The estimated time will be 6 weeks, if you dedicate two hours a week. The program is designed so you can go at your own pace according to your time and availability.

It includes:

• Videos, Manuals, Evaluations , Ministerial Advice, Diploma.

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